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Hunting Near Home

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Brandon Bates weighs in on a move across country that allows him to stay closer to family while experiencing the great outdoors. Follow along as he chases a nice 5×5 bull throughout the Uintah Mountains while enjoying the incredible landscape that Utah has to offer.

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RMEF Gets Nasty on Noxious Weeds

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RMEF has been actively engaged in noxious weed control since 1989 when we provided funds toward the control of spotted knapweed and yellow starthistle on the W.T. Wooten Wildlife Area in the state of Washington. We have provided grants for 888 projects that had an element of noxious weed control and spent $7,236,873 dollars. Other partners in these projects contributed more than $37 million.

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Taylor’s First Elk

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I had just turned 12 when I drew a youth limited entry hunt in British Columbia. My papa and I hunted hard for many weekends to try and fill my permit that was good for either an elk cow or bull. Then early one Saturday morning, my papa said he wanted to go and get a load of firewood. We were hoping while we were in the woods, that an elk might just show itself. …

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Scientific Research Speaks Loudly: Hunting Is Conservation

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A study published by the Journal of Wildlife Management indicates that hunting is among two recreational activities that inspire people to support conservation. The other is birdwatching. Perhaps the words of study co-author Ashley Dayer of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology best sum up the results, “There is hope for conservation in rural communities through both binoculars and bullets.” The research focused on the activity of those who live in rural, Upstate New York and …

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Science of Stink

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by PJ DelHomme If you sweat when you hunt, chances are you’re going to stink. And if you offend your hunting partner, you can only imagine how you smell to an elk. So how can you minimize the funk? First, understand the stink. It’s not sweat that stinks, but sweat mixing with ever-present bacteria on your body. Rule number one is to minimize bacteria. Showering is recommended but this is elk camp after all. When …

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Jason Matzinger

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Jason Matzinger is an award winning producer and a lifetime member of the RMEF. Jason has worked closely alongside the RMEF to bring you Elk Country Chronicles, This IS Hunting, Hunting IS Conservation, #PROJECTELK, as well as the popular television series Into High Country. #grid-1759 .tg-nav-color:not(.dots):not(.tg-dropdown-value):not(.tg-dropdown-title):hover,#grid-1759 .tg-nav-color:hover .tg-nav-color,#grid-1759,#grid-1759 span{color:#ff6863}#grid-1759 .tg-filter:before,#grid-1759{color:#999999}#grid-1759 .tg-dropdown-holder,#grid-1759 .tg-search-inner,#grid-1759 .tg-sorter-order{border:1px solid #DDDDDD}#grid-1759 .tg-search-clear,#grid-1759 .tg-search-clear:hover{border:none;border-left:1px solid #DDDDDD}.tg-txt .tg-nav-font,.tg-txt input[type=text].tg-search{font-size:14px;font-weight:600}.tg-txt .tg-search::-webkit-input-placeholder{font-size:14px}.tg-txt .tg-search::-moz-placeholder{font-size:14px}.tg-txt .tg-search:-ms-input-placeholder{font-size:14px}.tg-txt .tg-icon-left-arrow:before{content:”e604″;font-size:32px;font-weight:100}.tg-txt .tg-icon-right-arrow:before{content:”e602″;font-size:32px;font-weight:100}.tg-txt .tg-icon-dropdown-open:before,.tg-txt .tg-icon-sorter-down:before{content:”e60a”}.tg-txt .tg-icon-sorter-up:before{content:”e609″}.tg-txt .tg-search-clear:before{content:”e611″;font-weight:300}.tg-txt .tg-search-icon:before{content:”e62e”;font-size:16px;font-weight:600}#grid-1759 .tg-nav-color,#grid-1759 …

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Team Elk: Season Five

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Season Five, hosted by Brandon Bates, features great storylines and adrenaline-filled hunts that spotlight the beauty of the backcountry and the importance of conservation and our hunting heritage. Featured hunts include a Fort Hood shooting victim who finally realizes his dream of hunting elk after almost losing his life in the 2009 mass shooting, a wounded warrior seeking to punch her elk tag in California and many more adventures. #grid-925 .tg-nav-color:not(.dots):not(.tg-dropdown-value):not(.tg-dropdown-title):hover,#grid-925 .tg-nav-color:hover .tg-nav-color,#grid-925,#grid-925 …