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Find the Biggest Bulls in Your Area

In The Hunt by Chuck AdamsLeave a Comment

In 2003, I had the good fortune to kill a Montana bull with a net score of nearly 400. A cow elk had leaped up in front of me and right behind her was a monster bull with the biggest back forks I had ever seen. As he jumped a log and ducked around a tree, I could see six long points on each side, main beams that stretched to his rump, and an impossibly …

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Should I Fly or Drive To My Next Hunt?

In The Hunt by RMEFLeave a Comment

Last bow season, I found myself on an airplane next to a hunter from Florida who was heading to Colorado to chase elk. He asked me point blank, “If I shoot a monster bull, how can I get the antlers home?” I didn’t know, but I told him we’d figure it out.  First off, does it make sense to take to the skies for your next elk hunt? Not really, says veteran elk hunter Wayne …

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New Road Improves Access to 12,000 Acres in New Mexico

In RMEF at Work by RMEF1 Comment

MISSOULA, Mont.—A new road is now in place and being used by elk hunters and others in northeast New Mexico thanks to funding provided by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Lineberry Foundation. RMEF worked with the New Mexico State Land Office to improve vehicular access to approximately 6,000 acres and walk-in access to another 6,000 acres of State Trust Lands in the White Peak Area. “This project eases the tension of a long-running …

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Weather – Shelter from the Storm

In Gear 101 by John SolomonLeave a Comment

Consider this scenario: you are a long way from camp and get caught in a serious storm. You have a day pack that includes a fleece jacket and beanie, a lightweight poncho, lunch and a few odds and ends. Avoid the instinct to “tough it out” and hike to camp. You need to prevent getting soaked, cold and potentially hypothermic. Prioritize your actions and eliminate your exposure in these steps. First, get yourself out of …

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Boutique Ammo – Ordinary softpoints once killed elk. Why change?

In Bugle, Gear 101 by Wayne van Zwoll13 Comments

Once upon a time, talk in white wall tents—after tales of extraordinary shots and antlers the size of truck axles—drifted to custom rifles with fine walnut. These days, you’ll as likely hear chatter about bullets and ballistic coefficients and ammunition companies fresh as the latest Trump tweet. Physiologically, the elk haven’t changed. I may have started perusing Gun Digest and Shooter’s Bible as early as age five, though neither was on introductory reading lists in …

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Range Time

In Bugle, Gear 101 by PJ DelHomme16 Comments

Understandably, elk hunters want a bullet that goes where they aim—every time. The more you shoot, the more you find that not every bullet performs the same way in a particular rifle. Once you find a factory round that works well for you, stick with it. Hopefully, it won’t be discontinued. If you’re trying new rounds, a new rifle or zeroing in for the start of the season, here are some things to keep in mind.

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Off-season? What off-season?

In Bugle, The Hunt by Chuck Adams1 Comment

Reddish brown hair flickered between two trees, and I slowly drew my arrow. A split-instant later, the critter stepped into view 25 yards away. I aimed, dumped the bowstring and heard the broadhead strike like a fist against a melon—a perfect, quick-killing hit! Similar scenarios occur hundreds of times each fall as bowhunters across the country call in elk. But the month of the hunt just described was February, and the animal was a big, …

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Elk Carbonara

In Bugle, Carnivores Kitchen by Chef John McGannon, wildeats.com24 Comments

Heat a heavy gauge sauté pan or cast iron skillet with a little olive oil over a high heat. Season the diced elk meat with salt and pepper. Mix well. Add the meat to the hot pan and quickly sear on all sides. Once the meat is seared, but still rare, remove and set to the side. In the same pan, turn heat to medium, sprinkle a little more olive oil if necessary and add …