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Roosevelt Elk Habitat Crisis

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We all know that habitat which includes quality food sources, water, cover and ranging space is vital to the production of healthy herds and provide hunters opportunity. But the habitat of Roosevelt elk is a major concern because throughout the lower 48 states they lack quality nutrition in many of our forests. Part of the problem is that the Northwest Forest Plan of 1994 changed the management of public lands to favor old growth timber. …

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Arizona Hunters Asked to Assist with CWD Effort

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Arizona’s deer and elk populations are currently CWD-free and wildlife officials want to keep it that way. The Arizona Game and Fish Department is asking hunters to continue doing their part to help keep Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), a neurodegenerative wildlife disease that is fatal to deer and elk, at bay. All successful deer and elk hunters are encouraged to bring the head of their harvested animal, especially bucks and bulls, to any department office …

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Crazy Game Camera Snippets!

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Game cameras give hunters an idea if the location they choose is a dandy one or a dud. Going back and reviewing the video to see what critters show up can be informational and quite entertaining. Biologists with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks use game cameras as part of their field research which is where this video originates. By way of information here is revised language to bring motion-tracking and/or camera devices in line with …

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Enviro Groups Seek to Frustrate Predator Management in Washington

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Two out-of-state environmental groups will receive 48 hours notice before wildlife officials in Washington remove problem wolves from the landscape. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) already provides public notice before taking such action but came to the agreement as part of a lawsuit filed by Cascadia Wildlands (Oregon) and the Center for Biological Diversity (Arizona). The groups want notice so, if determined, they can file injunctions to stop the action. “We are …

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First Turkey

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I have been waiting a long time for my first turkey hunt. We live in the forest so there are always turkeys that come through our yard because we have the things they like – trees to roost in, bushes for cover, dirt to bath in and pine nuts and bugs to eat. They really like to come and relax by this stump in our yard. So on opening morning of the turkey hunt in …

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Missouri Woman Gored By Elk

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When it comes to wild animals, some people just don’t get it. Park rangers in Missouri are dealing with that issue first-hand where a viewing public just won’t keep its distance. Two people received minor injuries over the past couple of weeks because they got too close during elk mating season. “It charged them and put its head down and was shaking its rack right at one female. She was injured in the arm and …

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Team Elk: Season One

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Hosted by Brandon Bates and Cameron Hanes, Season One of Team Elk takes you from the high deserts of New Mexico, to the big sky country of Montana, and plenty of places in between. You’ll learn more about the mission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation from co-founder Charlie Decker, go along on a young hunter’s first elk hunt, see some great elk encounters caught on camera, and follow a host of other Team Elk …