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Elk & Potato Pirogues

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Courtesy of Chef John McGannon, For a classic Eastern European dish with a slant from the Rockies, consider cooking up some pirogues. These little dumplings filled with a wide variety of flavors can be savory or sweet. Generally, savory pirogues are filled with potatoes and any garnish you have available. Mix all dry ingredients and form a well in the middle. Add the wet ingredients to the well and mix until the dough is …

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Apply for Utah Antlerless Elk Tags

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May 25 is the first day hunters in Utah can apply for an antlerless elk permit. Go here to do so. “Once you arrive at the web page,” says Lindy Varney, wildlife licensing coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, “you’ll find detailed maps, boundary descriptions for the various hunting units, a list of the hunts you can apply for and a link to the application itself.” (Photo credit: Dallen Smitty)

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Tracking the Wolf

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Wolves are among the most elusive species on the landscape.  They are notoriously sly with sharp senses which make them extremely difficult to hunt.  And now, hunters are gearing up for the challenge with inaugural wolf seasons this fall in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, plus continuing hunts in Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Canada. More successful wolf hunters mean better balance in areas where undermanaged predator populations have a more significant impact on elk and other …

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Elk Habitat Conserved in Washington’s Lewis River Watershed

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Nearly 4,500 acres of prime wildlife habitat in southwestern Washington are permanently protected and opened to public access thanks to ongoing collaborative efforts by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and PacifiCorp, an electric utility company. The just-completed 1,880-acre acquisition is the third phase of a project that previously protected an additional 2,590 acres of habitat in the upper Lewis River basin north of Swift Reservoir The combined 4,470-acre property was originally in a checkerboard ownership …

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What’s a SeaElk?

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Elk are most often associated with forests, mountains and wild backcountry landscapes. True, they have been known to wander into the surf of the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon Coast, but that’s a rarity. So is that would you call a sea elk? Actually, SeaElk is the nickname of the Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 166 or VMM-166. The transport assault support unit does much more than just performs and entertains at your local air show. …

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Leave Newborn Wildlife Alone

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Tis the season of reawakening from the doldrums of winter as nature comes to life in full bloom. It’s also the season that newborn wildlife is welcomed into the world. But with that comes the annual problem that some people stumble across a deer fawn or an elk calf or bear cub…yet they don’t see the mother and assume the young ‘uns are abandoned…so they intervene thinking they’re helping the situation. In reality, the mother …