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North American Wildlife Conservation Model – Tenet #7

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Populations were on the brink due to commercialized or market hunting so hunters like Theodore Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold and others took bold action to stop the decline. They created a set of guidelines that later became known as the North American Wildlife Conservation Model which maintains wildlife belong to everyone and need to be managed to forever strengthen and support populations. Of the model’s seven basic principles, the seventh focuses on scientific management. Plain and …

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How To Effectively Use Binoculars and Tripods with Randy Newberg

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In this video Randy Newberg explains how he uses a tripod for his binoculars, in this case Leupold binoculars of either a 15x or 10x magnification. Using a tripod stabilizes your image, causes you to slow down, and allows you to examine the entire field of view before moving your optics. Always glass the close areas first, then moving to areas further away. Gridding is essential to make sure you don’t overlook any part of …

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Buck Detour

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So, my family was on our way to go hunting for bighorn sheep. We’re all pretty excited about that tag. But on our way we spotted this big buck from the road. It was about a mile away. Since I had a tag for that area, we pulled over and walked down to the bottom of the hill. We went the long way over two hills and spotted two groups of deer. The second group …

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Elk Stuffed Baby Red Potatoes

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Steak and potatoes: there are few combinations that fill a hunter’s belly faster and easier. Luckily, there are endless variations to keep these staples fresh and fun. Consider the following recipe a foundation for meals you can serve over and over with different accents, sauces, garnishes and condiments. In a large sauté pan heat the butter and olive oil and sauté the garlic, onions and celery until wilted. Remove to cool. Place the ground elk …

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Hunting Contributes Year-Round Benefits to Wildlife

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The article below was provided by the Michigan Wildlife Council and published in the Detroit Free Press and other media outlets. Nov. 15 – a day many consider a holiday. Even those who don’t personally observe the opening day of deer season can have something to be thankful for. Not only can they count on family, friends and co-workers skipping work to seek white-tailed deer in Michigan’s woods and fields, but they can also look …

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Out-of-State Enviro Group Sues Over Washington Wolf Management

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An environmental group based in Arizona filed a lawsuit against the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in an effort to seek access to some public records on wolf deaths in the state. Specifically, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) wants records about the state-sponsored killing of wolves in two packs over the last two years. CBD has a track record of seeking to frustrate wildlife management via litigation. It recently joined other environmental groups …

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Testing Confirms CWD’s Arrival in Montana

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A second test on a tissue sample from a buck harvested in hunting district 510, south of Billings, has come back positive for chronic wasting disease. This buck was harvested Oct. 22 about 10 miles southeast of Bridger. Initial testing received by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) last week showed the animal was suspect for CWD. A second sample from the buck was sent to Colorado State University for follow up testing. “These were …

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Hunt Elk the Whitetail Way

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Bowhunting elk the whitetail way may sound like a disappointment due to the lack of interaction, activity and simply seeing the country, but oftentimes it’s the best strategy. Locating a frequently visited waterhole, wallow, food source or the trail in between can lead to ample ambush opportunities. And despite the randomness of elk, they do pattern. The patterns may be more subtle than that of whitetails, but with dedicated scouting patterns emerge. There are three …