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Venison or Elk: The War Rages On

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A few weeks ago we posted a video on how to grind elk burger. One of the subtitles in the video read “semi-frozen cuts of Venison or Elk.” Well, thanks to a quality assurance snafu, this piece went out without all members of our team weighing in. This sparked a pseudo-outrage on social media between Venison faithful’s and those who claim it is simply “Elk Meat.” Fast forward a few weeks into planning for a …

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Peak Rut Elk Hunting Strategies with Kristy Titus

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The haunting sound of an aggressive bull bugling echoes across canyons, penetrates into your soul, changing life as you know it; forever. Year after year, answering the call, elk hunters head deep into the mountains in the pursuit of bugling bull elk. Having hunted elk on public land for most of her life, Kristy Titus has made a lot of mistakes, costing her numerous shot opportunities and she’s had a lot of success as well. …

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Electric Bear Fence Assembly

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Chances are, there’s a bear lurking somewhere in every elk hunter’s mind. From California to Pennsylvania, anybody who hunts elk is likely in bear country. Whether pitching a tent at the beginning of the hunt, or harvesting an animal toward the end, bears have the potential to ruin your trip. Black bears should never be taken for granted, and those who hunt among grizzlies or brown bears always need to bring their A game. On …

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Five Ways to Get an Elk to Cross the Fence

In The Hunt by Mark Kayser Comments

Could this really be happening again?Not one, but three bulls screaming in a game of hide-and-seek broke the Montana wilderness silence. It’s typically an enticing sound, though this time it only aggravated my hunting partner and me. One bull would rush our calls and then disappear back into the safety of the timbered mesa. Seconds later another would mimic the routine. Every so often we’d catch a glimpse of the herd bull trying to keep …

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Long Term Safety at the Range

In Bugle, Gear 101 by PJ Delhomme Comments

Let’s say you’re already well-versed in shooting range safety: always assume your weapon is loaded, safety on at all times, etc. But how about protecting your eyes and ears? Going deaf won’t kill you, but it will get annoying as you age. Get a blast of dirt, powder or a spent cartridge in your eye, and you’ll wish you had worn safety glasses. In this article we’ll take you through the basics of staying safe …

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A Six-Year Wait

In From The Field, Youth by RMEF Comments

On the evening of November 26, 2016, it was chilly and windy.  I was in my stand at 4 pm, and planned to be there until around dark. Once I got settled in, I prayed “Lord, please let me get a deer tonight.  I would love a buck. Please Lord, let me get one.  I’ve never gotten a big buck. I’ve had so many close calls, so many hunts, so many times seeing big bucks …

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Speak Up against Chicago Tribune Editorial about Wolves in Great Lakes States

In Issues And Advocacy by RMEF Comments

The Chicago Tribune on August 9 published an editorial taking Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth to task for voting in favor of S. 1514, the Hunting Heritage and Environmental Legacy Preservation (HELP) for Wildlife Act in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The editorial also advised Illinois Senator Dick Durbin to vote against the bill when it reaches the Senate floor.

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Elk Network: There’s an App for that

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MISSOULA, Mont.—The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s online digital platform, the Elk Network, is now available as an app. “Approximately 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone and elk hunters certainly rank among them,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “We designed the Elk Network to be mobile-first and mobile-friendly. The new Elk Network app is a logical step and easier way for users to keep up to date on all things elk, elk …

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Washington Takes More Steps To Reduce Hoof Rot Spread

In General by RMEF Comments

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission approved steps to reduce the spread of elk hoof disease by requiring hunters to remove and leave behind the hooves of any elk harvested in six more game management units—633 and 636 in Mason County, and 407, 418, 437, and 454 in north Puget Sound. The requirement is already in place for many other southwest units. The commission is a nine-member citizen panel appointed by the governor to set …

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Shut Up And Fish

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Depoe Bay in Oregon is carved out of rocky lava beds that stretch down to beautiful sandy beaches. As the smallest navigable harbor in the World, it is famous for gray whale watching and sport fishing and it is the perfect place for small vessels to cast out into the Pacific Ocean in search of adventure. Join Kristy Titus, her 81 year old grandpa Bill and her uncle David as they set out to enjoy …