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20 Reasons You Need Paracord On your Next Hunt

In Gear 101 by RMEF2 Comments

Like duct tape, parachute cord has risen to “never leave elk camp without it” status in recent years. And for good reason. As the name suggests, the cord was originally used to connect paratroopers to their parachutes during World War II. The job called for a lightweight but incredibly strong elastic cord. After the war, military surplus stores carried it, but it stayed relatively unknown except to hunters and hikers. Now, with the general public …

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Build Your Own Ghillie Suit

In Gear 101, The Hunt by Justin Karnopp1 Comment

The Ghillie suit is named for the old Scottish game wardens, or “Ghillies”, who first realized that by adding loose strips of cloth or twine to their clothing, they could create a three-dimensional breakup of their outline and remain undetectedin the wide-open highlands. The Ghillie suit has been the preferred camouflage of military snipers for open terrain, and many hunters are now adding one to their wardrobe for spot-and-stalk missions in terrain void of natural …

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Binoculars 101

In Gear 101 by PJ DelHomme1 Comment

Anyone shopping for binoculars quickly realizes they can spend $200 to $2000 for the same 7×42 pair. Honestly, what’s the difference aside from a few truck payments? You’d be surprised.

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Scopes Explained

In Gear 101, The Hunt by RMEF1 Comment

For elk hunters, choosing a rifle is tough enough. Throw a scope in the mix, and it gets downright daunting. Plenty of elk died at the end of a set of old iron sights, but that’s not the case anymore. To help you navigate some of the ever-changing vernacular of “good glass,” we put together this scope tutorial. Hope it helps. Scope manufacturers are hard-pressed to make their product stand out from the competition, which …

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How To Set Up Your Warn Winch

In Gear 101, Pursue the Wild, Sponsored by RMEF1 Comment

When it comes to heading into the back country, it is best to always go prepared. Warn winch has you covered for recovering a vehicle from nearly any situation, pulling a log off a back road, snatching out of being buried in deep snow or recovering a big game animal such as an elk from a steep mountainside. Before you head afield and pull, you need to make sure that your winch is properly set …

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Down and Dirty – How to Get Unstuck

In Gear 101, The Hunt by RMEF6 Comments

It happens to the best of us. You think you can make it. But before you know it, you’ve buried your axles and your hunting buddy is laughing hysterically. Whether you’re driving in mud, snow or some nasty combination of the two, you’re bound to find yourself stuck somewhere in elk country eventually. But before you call the wrecker (a costly and shameful affair), perhaps a few tips and some “under the seat” gear may …

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All-New 2018 Yamaha Kodiak 450

In Gear 101, Sponsored by RMEFLeave a Comment

Are you an ATV/SxS hunter or just plain tired of having to pack out every animal after a hunt? Well Yamaha’s newest Kodiak 450 may just be the right solution for you. Built right here in the U.S. in Newnan, Georgia, the 450 is the little brother to the best-selling Kodiak 700. But make no mistake, smaller does not imply capability. The 421cc fuel-injected engine and all-new chassis gives you all the power needed for …