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How to Find Public Land Elk

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Randy Newberg’s Elk Talk “SYSTEM” for finding highly pressured public land elk is explained in overview here. Randy covers the four basic needs; food, water, security, and breeding. Randy explains how the calendar period in which you are hunting determines what needs the elk have and where they will go to satisfy those needs. Where elk go to satisfy those needs is where you will find them in that calendar period.

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E-Scouting for Elk with Randy Newberg and onX (Part 3)

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In this episode of the E-Scouting for Elk series with OnX, Randy Newberg talks all about hunting burns. He talks about what makes a good burn, how to hunt it, how to find them, and how all burns are not created equal.  The goal of this series is to allow you to scout from home, via computer, and build a very solid hunting plan before you even head to the field. Whether you live ten …

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Randy Newberg’s ELK TALK “SYSTEM” – Finding Pre-rut Elk

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Randy Newberg explains hunting the pre-rut seasonal period is one of the easier times to find elk. The highest priority need is transitioning from food and water during the early season toward breeding as the highest priority need in the peak-rut. The pre-rut period is small 10-14 day window where older bulls are starting to change patterns. By the end of the pre-rut, the bull’s needs of food and water are now replaced by breeding.