Action Guidelines

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If you want to make a difference, it is important to raise your voice. There are many ways to do so.
Social Media

In this age of digital outreach, everyone has a voice and a platform. Social media provides the opportunity for one individual to spread his or her views in a quick, efficient and viral manner. Find the latest RMEF news releases and legislative calls to action as well as timely conservation, wildlife and hunting news at You can post that information directly to your social media platforms and also share posts from RMEF’s social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Online Forums/Chat Rooms

There are many popular online forums or chat rooms that allow users to share information. They are another avenue to state opinion and have a positive influence on others.

Be Real and Be Adult

While our passions for a particular issue may run high, there is no positive purpose served by using belligerent or threatening language or for making statements or comments that are not accurate or relevant to the issue at hand. Do not get distracted by some of the comments anti-hunters or the more radical environmental individuals may make about hunting, sportsmen or women, killing wild game for food and so forth. Stick to the facts and make your point in plain language. We have nothing to apologize for or hang our heads about because we hunt and support wildlife.

Providing Public Comment to State Wildlife Agencies

State wildlife agencies provide opportunities for residents to offer public comment on a wide range of topics including hunting and fishing regulations, rules, land acquisitions, development or enhancement projects, commission recommendations and other issues. You can have a say in shaping those final decisions that determine policy by providing written, verbal, email and online comment.

Attend Local Government Gatherings/Community Events

City councils and county commissions often seek public comment on timely community issues to assist them in the decision-making process. Seek out opportunities to attend those public meetings to provide input on hunting, wildlife and conservation-related topics. Set up a table or booth at a public gathering or community celebration to provide information and materials about RMEF and conservation. You can also support worthy efforts by attending public forums, discussions, rallies, speeches and other events. You may also choose to organize a public event yourself.