Watch: Elk vs. Couch Cushion

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Maybe it was just trying to remove an oversized piece of little from the roadway. Or maybe it just plain doesn’t like couch cushions.

Either way, Warren Johnson, a RMEF member and owner-operator of Hells-A-Roarin’ Outfitters who lives in Montana just outside the entrance to Yellowstone Park, recorded this unique video of a young bull elk and posted the following on his Facebook page.

I was headed right out of Gardiner to check my horses when I came across this two year old bull elk fighting with s couch cushion. I’ve got hundreds of videos of cool little things like this in the wild and of wild animals in civilization . As the mountain men said, “the Rocky Mountains are the marrow of the earth.” and I live right in the center of it. Best place for a good life, tough, rugged, but beautiful and full of little surprises like this. Have a great day! Respectfully Warren

(Video source: Warren Johnson)