This Is Hunting

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This IS Hunting

This IS Hunting creates a completely natural experience during an early September elk hunt in Montana. This IS Hunting seeks to captivate you in a way no other hunting film has done, by focusing on the natural sounds during the hunt and highlighting exactly what hunting is about.

Follow one day in a bowhunter’s quest to fill his over-the-counter archery elk tag from his elk camp in eastern Montana.  From the sound of a propane lantern, to squirrels and elk, you’ll witness not only what elk do on a day-to-day basis during the rut, but also how to effectively hunt them during the changing cycles of the day.

Whether calling aggressively or sneaking in silent, there are many tactics we use to try and outsmart our quarry everyday we are afield. The use of all natural audio throughout the film allows the viewer to connect on a deeper level, taking you back to your favorite elk camp or hunting spot by simply letting Mother Nature do the talking.

This IS Hunting is breaking new ground in the way we look at filmmaking and has found a way to tell a story like no other film has…