The Witness

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My dad and his friend were scouting for deer and found some big bucks on the hillside. So they came and picked me up after school and asked if I wanted to go hunting. My dad and I hiked up there. We scoped and then stalked the deer to within 232 yards. It was going to be my first buck, so I didn’t really care about the size. I decided to take the smaller one and had a good shot. It took us about 30 minutes to hike over to where it fell.

After we got up there, we started boning it out. I looked over and spotted the bigger buck. It was bedded down and watching us the whole time. It was kind of a creepy witness to what happened. The big buck didn’t move until my dad got within a 100 yards of him and then he finally ran away.

Lainey Bennett
Age 15
Lewiston, Idaho
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