Tex Creek, Idaho

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The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation spear-headed four different efforts with conservation-minded landowners, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the Bureau of Land Management to add more than 3,200 acres, or approximately 10-percent of the overall acreage, to the Wildlife Management Area.


The Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area spans 34,000 acres across the shrub-lands of southeast Idaho.



  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • Conservation Minded Landowners
  • Idaho Fish and Game
  • Bureau of Land Management

Why It’s Important

It provides crucial habitat for more than 7,000 elk as well as moose, mule deer, sage and sharp-tailed grouse, and a variety of other birds and animal life. And when water flows are sufficient, the lower reaches of the Wildlife Management Area’s streams support native cutthroat trout plus brook and German brown trout.

More Info

Tex Creek is an important destination for hunters, anglers, hikers and other outdoorsmen and women, and access to it is important for each of them.

Not only did that collaborative teamwork create and improve public access but it also permanently protected the land and improved landscape connectivity for wildlife.

Tex Creek and its thriving wildlife and wildlife habitat stand as yet another testimony to RMEF’s commitment to conserving wild places and highlight how Hunting Is Conservation.