Taylor’s First Elk

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I had just turned 12 when I drew a youth limited entry hunt in British Columbia. My papa and I hunted hard for many weekends to try and fill my permit that was good for either an elk cow or bull. Then early one Saturday morning, my papa said he wanted to go and get a load of firewood. We were hoping while we were in the woods, that an elk might just show itself.

On our way out, I yelled, “Elk!”

My grandpa stopped and looked over and saw one cow elk. We slowly got out of the truck and I got set up with my rifle while watching the cow eating. Then three bulls stepped out – one three-point was about 75 yards away and the other two bulls were 225 yards away.

Papa said, “Don’t be nervous,” as I started to take aim on what I thought was the closest one.

Papa said again, “Take your time and do not be nervous.”

I told him that I wasn’t nervous. I think he was more nervous than me. I aimed again, took a deep breath and the biggest bull – a six-by-five – hit the ground with my one shot.

“Taylor, you got the big one,” my papa yelled. I think he was very surprised.

All I could say was, “I know Papa.”

I was very excited and thrilled with my trophy. And it was nice to find him when the pressure was off. I know my Papa loves elk hunting, but I think he was even more excited to take his grandchild out on my first successful hunt.

Taylor Supernault
Age 14
Arras, British Columbia, Canada

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