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Calling and Decoying Elk in Timber

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Bowhunting for big bull elk is known to cause fits of “buck fever” like you’ve never experienced. Learn to call and decoy elk in the timber, and hold on to your shaky knees. As the bachelor herds begin breaking up in exchange for as many of the opposite sex as they can gather, a bull will be ready to fiercely guard his harem once it is formed. During this time of year, elk are sticking …

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Work Sharp – A Legacy of Sharpness with the RMEF

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What Defines You? The Work Sharp Outdoor brand was built on the pillars of Legacy, Preparedness, and Success that define the outdoorsman. The tradition of your family sets the foundation for who you are, the things you do, and how you do them. Your skills and sense of know-how are the result of generations of hard work, hard lessons, and great rewards. Shaping those lessons, passing down the skills, and preparing the next generation for …

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Steel Wire vs Synthetic Winch Rope

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WARN synthetic rope, such as our Spydura line, is made from an ultra-high molecular polyethylene material. It receives a coat of urethane that helps protect the rope from the effects of ultra-violet rays and chemicals, two enemies of synthetic rope. The rope also includes a sliding sleeve to help protect it from wear and abrasion while winching. All WARN truck and SUV winches equipped with synthetic rope should be used with a hawse fairlead.  Synthetic …