Sharing Caribou with the Bears

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Last August was my first time in Alaska and it was amazing. After spending two days in Anchorage with friends, we flew into our campsite about 100 miles away. We were there for 7 days and I loved all the animals I saw musk ox, grizzly bears and moose.

The area we were hunting for caribou was really big in the middle of nowhere. It was super rainy so we stayed in the tents for two days. We were about to go to sleep around 11 p.m. even though it wasn’t dark yet when Carl had to go to the bathroom and saw caribou up above camp. We threw on our waders and got ready as quickly as we could. We climbed the hill fast and saw the caribou about 300 yards away. I shot and missed the first time. We moved up a little ways and I shot again, but missed again. The third time I hit it and it dropped.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t pack it all out right then and had to get some sleep. So we slept for three or four hours and then woke up early to pack out the rest of the meat. We saw bears come in on the other hill while we were boning out the meat. We hiked down one more load and when we came back, there was a bear coming for the carcass. He stopped about 10 feet away and looked at us, looked at the caribou, looked at us again. Thankfully, he finally decided to go for the caribou and we let him have it.

Kyler Pallister, age 14 – Helena, Montana
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