RMEF Volunteers Completed More than 130+ Projects in 30 States in 2017

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Volunteers for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation are perhaps best known for organizing and hosting big game banquets. Funds raised at those gatherings go directly toward RMEF’s conservation mission of ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage. But they do much more than that.

Check out these numbers from volunteer projects carried out in 2017:

  • 1200+ Volunteers

  • 14,300+ Hours

  • 130+ Projects

  • 115+ Chapters

  • 30 States

The above figures include on-the-ground habitat projects as well as hunting heritage and conservation outreach. Many RMEF-funded State Grants have volunteer engagement. Habitat projects include both RMEF grant-funded projects as well as stand-alone volunteer projects. Here are few state-by-state examples:

  • Alaska Becoming an Outdoor Woman program
  • Alabama youth fishing derby
  • Arizona youth hunter camps
  • California noxious weed project
  • Colorado fence removal
  • Iowa National Archery in the Schools Program
  • Illinois solo camping experience
  • Indiana Craig Family Camp
  • Kentucky YMCA Camp Piomingo
  • Kansas weed treatment
  • Maryland junior hunter field days
  • Maine operation game thief
  • Michigan tree planting
  • Minnesota women hunting and fishing website redesign
  • Missouri rendezvous work party
  • Montana youth conservation & education expo
  • North Carolina children’s trout derby
  • North Dakota youth hunting program
  • Nebraska guzzler projects
  • New Mexico gate installation & tree clearing
  • Nevada fishing derby
  • New York bowhunter youth camps
  • Oklahoma archery youth events
  • Oregon meadow & wetland enhancement
  • Pennsylvania youth sportsfest
  • South Dakota guzzler repair
  • Texas wounded warrior deer hunt
  • Utah water development project
  • Washington elk mortality count