Riley’s First Deer

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I’ve always been a duck hunter with my dad. We got hunt ducks in Louisiana where he’s from and in Utah. But I’ve wanted to try out deer hunting. Eventually, my goal is to hunt elk and bear someday soon.

So I traveled to my aunt and uncle’s house. They live near the forest and by a creek so there is always wildlife walking through their yard. My aunt accused my uncle of building a hunting tree stand with bathrooms and bedrooms – not just a house for her. And I guess I proved her right.

We had been looking for deer for a couple of days of the youth hunt, but no luck. On our third morning of our hunting trip, we woke up and there was a white tail deer on the other side of the creek. We could see it from the kitchen window. So my dad got my gun and I put on my camo shirt. My uncle slowly opened the door to the deck and the deer started moving right in the clearing of trees. I shot and the sound woke everyone up who wasn’t awake yet. The deer only moved a short distance and then was down. After some time passed, we crossed the creek and found my deer.

Hunting is very fun. I like it. I like time with family and trying new experiences in new places. Hopefully, my next trip will be to Idaho for bear.

Riley Schex
Age 14
Herriman, Utah
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