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Bowhunting Strategies for Public Land

In The Hunt by Chuck AdamsLeave a Comment

If you bowhunt, then you’re not one to back away from a challenge. And pursuing hard-hunted elk on public land might be the ultimate test. I rarely encounter another bowhunter on public property during elk season. I have often heard archers bellyache about congested woods and too many bowhunters lurking through the trees. A few aggressive state bowhunting organizations have even pressured game departments to institute restrictive rules that limit elk tags—especially for nonresidents. But …

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Can Elk Fly?

In Elk Facts by Dan Crockett39 Comments

It’s rare, but given the application of sufficient force, it does happen. As any student of jujitsu knows, the crux lies in leverage—using the opponent’s strength and motion against them. RMEF member Dan Fischer captured this definitive example on the 7th green of northern Colorado’s Estes Park Golf Course last September. With several big bulls screaming and rampaging nearby, Fischer selected a Nikon D90 instead of a 9 iron. He first encountered these bulls near …

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Excessive Calling

In The Hunt by RMEF1 Comment

Bulls are greedy lovers in search of as many cows as they can find. Whereas a bugle may cause a herd bull to gather his gals and take off, those same bulls are enticed by cow and calf sounds. A bull may think there are a couple cows he’s missed on the round-up of his harem. Your job is to mimic those sounds using multiple elk tones to spark his curiosity and play to his …

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#LivingElkCountry – Man Calls In Black Bear To 9 Yards While Elk Hunting!

In From The Field by RMEF5 Comments

A post shared by Bill (@billwimmer82) on Sep 11, 2017 at 11:40am PDT No matter what your definition of Living Elk Country is, RMEF wants to see it. Upload your best video content to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use the #Hashtag #LivingElkCountry between now and December 1st for a chance to win the prize package of a lifetime. Don’t have social media or know what a #hashtag is? Use the form below to enter. …

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766 Acres of Elk Habitat Now Open to the Public in Pennsylvania!

In RMEF at Work by RMEFLeave a Comment

MISSOULA, Mont.—An additional 766 acres of Pennsylvania elk habitat is now permanently protected and opened to public access thanks to efforts by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) and a generous donor. “This would not have happened without landowners who care about Pennsylvania and both understand and appreciate the crucial wildlife values of this area,” said Blake Henning, RMEF chief conservation officer. Located in Centre County, the project extends the western unit …

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The One that Didn’t Get Away

In Youth by RMEFLeave a Comment

I was hunting with my dad and younger brother, Adam, and we both had cow elk youth tags. The sun was starting to set when two cows came through the canyon and we spotted them.  When the cows were within 150 yards, I took the first shot with my .270 and was successful. My brother also took a shot at the second, but in the excitement, he missed and the elk got away. We tried …

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#LivingElkCountry – Herd Bull!

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This #LivingElkCountry submission should start your week off right! Coming from @Goodbulloutdoors, “This herd bull has great fronts but he has some challengers to run off. ” Check out the details below on how to enter. Voting begins September 15th. No matter what your definition of Living Elk Country is, RMEF wants to see it. Upload your best video content to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use the #Hashtag #LivingElkCountry between now and December 1st …

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Train To Survive with Real World Tactical

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If evil should ever knock at your door the decisions that you make in that moment will change your life, forever. Your life is worth fighting for and when people choose violence and want to cause you pain, you are your own first line of defense. Join Kristy Titus in her latest episode of Pursue The Wild where she trains with US Marine Corps Veteran and retired law enforcement SWAT Operator, Tony Sentmanant of Real …

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Colorado Volunteers Get ‘er Done

In RMEF at Work by RMEFLeave a Comment

There they stood—two bull moose looking over the work done by a group of soggy yet dedicated volunteers for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. They had to be impressed. The volunteers endured showers and slogged through boggy conditions to remove an estimated one ton of rusty, brittle barbed wire and old fence posts that previously covered about two miles of acreage in north-central Colorado’s Golden Gate State Canyon Park. (Park access is limited but some …

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Improving Michigan’s Elk Habitat is a Family Affair

In General by RMEFLeave a Comment

Below is an article that appeared in the Detroit News. Their grins say it all. It’s been a long day tearing down old fences and rickety sheds, but there’s nowhere on earth this grandfather and grandson would rather be. “I just wish everybody was as fortunate as I am to be able to take my grandson out in the woods and teach him the things that I learned as a boy from my own grandfather,” …

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#LivingElkCountry – Washington Bull at 15 Yards!

In From The Field by RMEF7 Comments

I am now 25 years old and have been hunting with my Dad since I was a little girl. We have been hunting in Eastern Washington my whole life, the same unit, the same elk. This place is home to me. In this video, this was the first time I’ve ever experienced a big bull no more than 15-20 yards from me, totally relaxed and just passing through. I had been sitting in this spot …