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Michigan Approves Rules to Crack Down on CWD

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The Michigan Natural Resources Commission (NRC) approved a series of deer hunting regulations aimed at slowing the spread of chronic wasting disease. The action came after months of commission members and Department of Natural Resources staff hearing from hunters, residents and others interested in the long-term health of the state’s deer population, and a thorough review of the best available science on chronic wasting disease. “We hope that by setting these specific CWD regulations we …

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Man Gets SURROUNDED by Elk! – #LivingElkCountry

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Chris Burandt submitted what may be one of the strongest #LivingElkCountry submissions we have seen yet in a testament to what may be one of the stealthiest hunting situations of all time. Well Done Chris. Click here to vote for Chris or to see all of the other submissions so far. Learn more below. No matter what your definition of Living Elk Country is, RMEF wants to see it. Upload your best video content to …

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Turning a Gold Mine into Golden Habitat

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549 acres and 3 billion gallons protected and secured Almost 30 years ago, RMEF played a pivotal role in forever protecting Dome Mountain, indispensable winter range for the Northern Yellowstone elk herd. In the dark days of the early 1900s when fewer than 50,000 elk remained in North America, animals from this herd literally restored wild elk across the continent. Last August the herd received crucial insurance for its future when RMEF joined forces with …

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How To Master Elk Bugles

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Learning to replicate elk sounds and having a comprehensive understanding of what elk sounds mean, will help increase your success in the field. Having the ability to create a wide variety of elk sounds your calling can literally set the tone for how the elk react around you. Just because you have not heard bulls fired up and bugling with the frenzy of the rut does not mean that you can’t tell the “story” of …

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Braised Elk Shoulder

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This decadent elk shoulder is braised in an aromatic red wine liquid and cooked low and slow on the Traeger to tender, fall-apart perfection. Directions: Season the elk roast with salt and pepper to taste. Next, in a hot pan, add a small amount of canola oil and brown the roast on all sides. Once deeply caramelized, remove the roast and transfer to a deep roasting pan. In the same hot pan, add the onions, …

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Find the Biggest Bulls in Your Area

In The Hunt by Chuck Adams1 Comment

In 2003, I had the good fortune to kill a Montana bull with a net score of nearly 400. A cow elk had leaped up in front of me and right behind her was a monster bull with the biggest back forks I had ever seen. As he jumped a log and ducked around a tree, I could see six long points on each side, main beams that stretched to his rump, and an impossibly …

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What’s with the snarl?

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When a bull elk lifts his head and curls his upper lip into a grimace, he’s not just acting tough for the ladies—he’s trying to figure out if his love life is going to pick up. The snarl is called the flehman response and by curling their upper lips bulls expose their vomeronasal organ (located in their palate) that is used to detect estrus in cow urine, which in turn lets the bulls know when …

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Getting the Most of Field Rests

In Gear 101 by Wayne van Zwoll4 Comments

There’s a proper technique to using a rest. I’m really good at using back rests—even a cave man can do that. But supporting the rifle with a rest isn’t as easy as it looks. Benchrest shooters, who fire match ammo through heavy, accurate rifles over sophisticated rests, are very conscious of technique. Even if the rest is solid, your shoulder can nudge the rifle at the instant of firing. Your trigger pull can tug it …