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Second Montana Deer Found Suspect for CWD

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A second mule deer buck from Montana’s hunting district 510 was found to be suspect for chronic wasting disease. This buck was harvested about 3 miles south of Belfry. A second sample from the buck is being tested by the lab at Colorado State University, with results expected next week. This is the second mule deer to be found suspect for CWD within the last week. On November 7, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) …

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Landowner Uses Tractor to Remove Trespasser

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Below is a Facebook post by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police: Respect private property, but if you feel someone isn’t, don’t take matters into your own hands – a license plate gets us what we need most of the time. Officer Flowers and Officer Prater responded to a phone call Saturday evening that his neighbor had an active poacher on his property. The first thing that Officer Flowers observed when he arrived …

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Avid Elk Hunter, Baseball Manager Nearly Died while Hunting

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When Ned Yost is not in the dugout managing the Kansas City Royals, he loves to chase elk and deer. But a recent deer hunting outing on his property in Georgia nearly cost him his life. “I got up into the treestand and reached around to hook into the tree and right as soon as I grabbed my strap to reach up to hook into the tree, it was like a hangman’s gallows. The stand …

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Hunting Apprentice Program a Success in Montana

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Since Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) began its Apprentice Hunter program in 2015, more than 11,000 resident and nonresident youths applied to hunt as apprentices. Kids used to have to wait until they were 12 and then complete a hunter education program before hunting in Montana. Now people ages 10 and older can apply for apprenticeship and hunt with a mentor for two seasons without completing hunter education. At first, the program was met …

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Hunters Can Help Solve Crimes

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Law enforcement and groups seeking to find missing persons say hunters can help their cause. Missing Missouri, a non-profit organization that offers support for the loved ones of missing people, cited Missouri Highway Patrol statistics showing there are currently 614 adults and 374 children missing in Missouri. “Hunters and all outdoors enthusiasts cover more ground than the families and authorities can do when searching. You are the eyes that help bring families the missing resolution. …

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What’s the difference between red deer and elk?

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Shortly after Europeans landed on the shores of the new world, they encountered a creature that looked a lot like a bigger version of the red deer they had at home, but sounded much different, producing a high, wild octave-climbing whistle instead of the red deer’s deep roar. They named the animal elk, and for centuries since, debate raged over their identity. The central question was whether or not elk is a subspecies of red …

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Remote New Mexico Wilderness Opens for Hunting

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For the first time ever, the rugged Sabinoso Wilderness in northeast New Mexico is now open to the general public, including hunters.  It was previously land-locked by surrounding private land and inaccessible because of a lack of access. “Excited to announce tonight that for the first time ever hunters can access the Sabinoso Wilderness Area,” tweeted Ryan Zinke, Department of Interior secretary. A donation in the form of what was previously known as the Rimrock …

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Wolf Shot, Killed in the Act of Attacking Livestock

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In late October, a rancher in northeast Washington shot and killed a wolf in the act of attacking livestock and then reported the incident to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). WDFW Enforcement investigated and found the actions to be warranted. In areas of Washington where wolves are not listed under the federal Endangered Species Act, the law states the owner of domestic animals (or an immediate family member, agent, or employee) may …

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Randy Newberg’s “SYSTEM” for finding Late Season Bulls

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Hunting elk with Randy Newberg during the Post-Rut. This ELK TALK video describes the most predictable time period for elk behavior. Old bulls know it is time to find sanctuary. Survival is dependent upon finding these sanctuaries where hunters don’t want to go. Survival is also the second need, the third need, the fourth……. Find security with a little food nearby and you’ve found a place Late Season bulls will like. Late Season is when …

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RMEF Re-Ups Support of Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow

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MISSOULA, Mont.—Renewing its commitment to provide training and hands-on experience for current and future wildlife professionals, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is extending and expanding its partnership with the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation of Dundee, Illinois, and its Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow (CLfT) program. CLfT hosts five-day workshops for wildlife professionals and students who do not hunt. They leave with a deep understanding of hunting and its impact on conservation. “Supporting CLfT helps RMEF meet …

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Search on for Colorado Elk Poachers

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Wardens in central Colorado are seeking information regarding the poaching of two bull elk near Cottonwood Pass. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says a hunter found two fully intact elk carcasses about 50 yards off County Road 306. If you have any information, call 719-539-8413 or 719-530-5520. Violators may face up to a year in jail, steep fines and a lifetime loss of hunting and fishing privileges. (Photo source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

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Montana Acts to Counter Suspected CWD

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Fresh off examining a suspected case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), the first within its state borders, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) is taking action to combat its spread. “We are in the process right now of drawing what we would call an ‘initial response area’,” John Vore, FWP game management bureau chief, told Montana Public Radio. “That’s roughly a 10-mile radius around where this animal came from. Within that area then, we would …

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What is the deepest snow an elk will put up with?

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The amount of snow required to push elk to lower elevations varies from herd to herd and even elk to elk. Two feet seems to be the threshold where large groups begin to at least consider migrating downhill toward easier and more abundant forage. In Montana, biologists have noted mature Rocky Mountain elk are able to move without major difficulty in loose snow up to 3.3 feet deep. More than 4 feet, though, hinders their …

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Study: Beetle Kill Progression Impacts Elk, Hunters

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The epidemic of mountain beetle kill within the forests of the West is well documented with more than 1.5 million acres of forest affected in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming alone. Such changes have a dramatic impact on the landscape. A continuing study aims to provide information on how hunters and elk change their use of the forest as trees die, as dead trees begin to fall and beetle kill management is implemented. Researchers place …

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Federal Judges Positively View Collaborative Forest Projects

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“A sea of change” may be taking place as federal judges take more of a positive view on collaborative forest restoration projects. A recent report highlighted two case studies that showed judges ruling against an environmental group that challenged citizen-stakeholder groups partnering with the U.S. Forest Service. According to the author, there are three significant changes: The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation maintains that active forest management, including prescribed burning, thinning, noxious weed projects and managed …