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FTW Marksmanship Training with Kristy Titus

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As a hunters, it is our responsibility to make that first shot count. Because you only have one first shot, training in mountainous environments with big angles, lots of wind, hasty resting positions and long ranges is important to build confidence with both your equipment, your ability and any limitations that you may find. In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Kristy Titus heads to Texas Hill Country to train at the FTW Ranch …

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Building A Fire

In The Hunt by John Solomon1 Comment

Learn to build a fire anywhere, anytime and in any situation. Ever try building a fire when it’s 50 degrees, raining, and a foot of dense snow covers the ground? It’s not easy, and chances are you’re going to get cold. Fast. But understanding a few fire basics and some sample scenarios should keep you a little warmer this fall. As with most things, practice makes perfect. So don’t be afraid to build a fire …

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Should I Own or Lease Stock?

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Owning stock year-round for a few weeks’ worth of hunting might not be in your budget. Then again, renting stock for a hunt may not be in your best interest, either. More than a decade ago, my hunting buddies and I were “throwing loads” at a remote trailhead in the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Area’s elk country. We were on fire with the eagerness that always comes when you are about to head into …

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Big Game Hunters Set Crosshairs on Wyoming

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More and more hunters are heading to Wyoming in their quest to fill the freezer. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) again received “higher than anticipated application numbers” earlier this year. “Game and Fish is glad for the interest hunters show in Wyoming,” said Scott Talbott, Game and Fish’s director. “We work hard to provide great hunting and fishing opportunities throughout the state. We were able to offer more licenses for deer and antelope …

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Virginia Poacher Heading to Jail

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A Virginia judge sentenced a man to nearly seven years in prison, $25,500 in fines and a five-year loss of his hunting privileges for poaching four elk, three deer, one black bear and a bobcat. Virginia Conservation Police Officers (CPOs) investigated Nelson Drummond of Buchanan County, Virginia, after finding an illegally shot bull elk in April of 2016. Further investigation showed he used a .22 rifle with a laser sight to poach the animals. CPOs …

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Idaho Seeks Comment on Baiting Gray Wolves

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The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) is seeking public comment to allow the use of bait for hunting wolves. The IDFG proposal is stated like this: “The purpose of this rulemaking is to consider changes to the allowed use of bait for hunting gray wolf. Currently gray wolf may be taken incidentally to permitted black bear baits, where hunting seasons are open for both black bear and wolf, but big game rules do …

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Coyote Bites, Tries to Drag Away One-Year-Old Boy

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A family shooting off fireworks in southcentral Nebraska on July 4th says a coyote tried to haul away a small boy. “The coyote bit and tried to take off with my 1-year-old nephew on his back left puncture wounds,” wrote Salina Josephine on Facebook. There are multiple reports of coyote sightings in northwest Hastings over the past several weeks. “The witnesses, the child’s family, said they are positive it was a small coyote,” Sgt. Brian …

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New Wolf Pack Confirmed in California

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Trail cameras in northern California confirm the presence of a new wolf pack that includes three pups. While animal rights and environmental groups are applauding, ranchers are concerned about their livelihood. “It’s a lifetime of work,” Dave Cowley, told the Tribune. “To have a wolf pack come in and destroy it, and to have environmentalists cheer, it’s disappointing.” Several ranching and farming groups filed suit against the California Fish and Game Commission earlier this year …

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Hunt Ongoing For Bear That Attacked Teenager

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A camp counselor who teaches wilderness survival has his own survival tale to tell. A black bear grabbed his head with one paw and then bit into his head and dragged 19-year-old Dylan as he slept along a lakefront northwest of Boulder, Colorado. “The crunching noise was the teeth scraping against the skull as it dug in,” Dylan told Denver7. The bear dragged him about 10 feet. Fellow staffers screamed and Dylan fought until it …

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Want to Shape the Future of Hunting? NOW is the Time to Do It

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When is the last time you let your state wildlife agency know what you think about hunting? Many agencies are holding public comment sessions or open houses right now. The results of those gatherings determine rules and regulations for your hunting trips this fall and beyond. Colorado is holding 2017 herd management public meetings. Washington is seeking comment on proposed alternatives for 2018-2020 hunting seasons. Oregon wants to know what you think about big game …