Outshooting Dad

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I had to wait a whole year again for hunting season to come, but 2016 was worth the wait. My dad always goes the first week of the season in Montana with his friends and brings me back the third week. This year, the weather was a lot hotter than last year. Last year, we had snow and the animals were a lot easier to see.

We did see a few elk before I saw my buck. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was a good one. My dad helped me get set up and we waited for a good shot. Finally, he turned and I took the shot and got him. I had no idea how big he was until we got down to him and I was so excited. We didn’t realize it was getting late until my dad said it was hard taking pictures because of the light. So we ended up getting it out in the dark. My dad measured him and he had a 27-inch spread.

A couple days later, we were headed out first thing in the morning to look for elk. We knew a spot where elk had been before and my dad spotted a bull standing there looking at us. I got my bipod set up and found him in my scope. He looked so much bigger than my first two elk I’d got previous years. They were both four-points.

The bull turned and took a few steps walking away from us and then stopped and turned sideways. I took the shot and my dad said it was a good shot, but shoot again. The bull just stood there as I loaded another shell and shot again. He went down right away and I was so happy. When we finally got over to him I realized he was a five-point and I couldn’t have been more happy.

I can’t wait until next year to come back to Montana with my dad and hopefully do it again. I love hunting! Oh yeah, my elk was bigger than the one my dad got this year.

McKenna Johnson
Age 13
Gig Harbor, Washington