November Does

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It was rifle season and all I’d see were does out of range. But then, Tuesday, Nov 22 came.  I went out to my tree stand at a normal time of 4 p.m. I prayed that God would grant me a deer tonight after so many close calls. Around 5 p.m., there was a doe behind me in a field. It wasn’t a great posture to shoot from, with the tree stand harness restricting some movement, not to mention my stand was on the edge, so branches were still blocking some shooting lanes. But she came closer. I waited. She looked back, and another doe entered the field. Their feeding led them in my direction, so I told myself I would take whichever one gave me the first shot.  

One stepped to where she gave a good view, “Bang!” She dropped. I quickly cocked my Winchester for another shot if needed, while the second doe ran to the other side of the field. She stopped and took a look at what had just happened. “Bang!”  She dropped as well.  Two shots, two deer, no trailing needed. After the shot, I was shaking all over, not from cold, but from excitement! God had answered, not with one, but two great does (one may have been the biggest I’ve ever shot). 

What makes it worth the trouble? Sometimes not seeing deer; other times not getting a shot. Or when cutting up the deer, doing all the work to get the meat processed? Good question. I’m not sure of the specific answer, I just know I enjoy the whole endeavor.  I love the expectation of a deer showing up out of thin air.  I love the adrenaline rush before and after the shot.  It’s incredibly hard to hold steady aim when you’re shaking all over. But, I also love the blast of the shot and the ultimate reward of success. 

Garrett Ball
Age 18
Snow Camp, North Carolina
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