Norma BONDSTRIKE Extreme Long-Range Hunting Ammunition

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Elk are reasonably predictable creatures. You can rely on them to be aloof, at least during hunting season, and that means your only shot might be from an extreme distance. With Norma’s BONDSTRIKE, you can confidently make these long-range shots.

From the unexpected close-encounter in the brush, to the carefully calculated shot at more than 1,000 yards across a wide meadow, you need a round you can count on. Norma’s new BONDSTRIKE line combines uncompromising accuracy and effective terminal ballistics that make it ideal for elk hunters.

BONDSTRIKE is engineered for accuracy. For more than a century, Norma has provided hunters with the ability to hit their marks. Yet that accuracy isn’t worth much without effective terminal ballistic performance at the point of impact. And Norma’s reputation for putting food on the table continues to set it apart.

The BONDSTRIKE bullet is styled after a boat-tailed match projectile—a design known for long-range accuracy. Yet the tip of the BONDSTRIKE bullet is different. This boat-tail has a contoured polymer point that allows for consistent feeding and true flight. Even if you slam a round home for a fast follow-up shot, you aren’t going to mar the bullet’s tip.

Beneath the bonded alloy jacket is a lead core that helps the BONDSTRIKE bullet retain mass and expand consistently. It is this ability to expand predictably, even at extremely long distances, that gives the BONDSRTIKE its exceptional knockdown power.  The retained energy transfers in game, allowing for ethical and effective kill-shots.

The bonded bullet retains most of its weight at close ranges, and offers the penetration needed to reach vital organs, and the expansion needed to create a fatal wound channel. If an elk steps out of the brush at 50 yards, the BONDSTRIKE will deliver. At 1,000 yards, the same bullet still has enough energy to expand and keeps even more of its mass intact.  It’s always best to get as close as possible and be confident in your ability to hit your target, but if you have make a long range shot, NORMA’s BONDSTRIKE bullet will deliver.

Norma is offering BONDSTRIKE in 30 calibers

Having the opportunity to pull the trigger on a trophy elk is an exceptionally rare opportunity. Be sure you have the perfect round in the chamber when you do.

Stock up on BONDSTRIKE now.