#LivingElkCountry – Washington Bull at 15 Yards!

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I am now 25 years old and have been hunting with my Dad since I was a little girl. We have been hunting in Eastern Washington my whole life, the same unit, the same elk. This place is home to me.

In this video, this was the first time I’ve ever experienced a big bull no more than 15-20 yards from me, totally relaxed and just passing through. I had been sitting in this spot for hours. My Dad and I cow called for a while about an hour or two before and we decided to sit, wait and see what happened. And what do you know….about an hour later, here comes this bachelor.

He never responded to our calls but he sure did hear them and decided he was going to come check it out. My Dad, for years, had been teaching me about these incredible and intelligent animals…after this experience, I said, “Dad, you were right. Just because they don’t answer you…doesn’t mean they aren’t coming to find you.” This experience really proved to me that patience is key and patience pays off. About 3 minutes before this, I just decided to check my phone. A few minutes later, movement caught my eye as I looked up, and all I saw were his beautiful antlers through the branches. I was completely blended in with the tree behind me, thanks to my Under Armour camouflage, so this guy had no idea I was there.

I was AMAZED that I only knew he was there by catching a glimpse of movement (and he was no further than 20 yards). Not once did I hear him crack a branch…he was as quiet as a mouse, despite how large he was. As he continued to move and pass through, he was startled by my Dad (who was not prepared for him to show up, either) who was sitting about 10 yards from me in the wide open (although still camouflaged). The big guy wasn’t sure at first…glanced up at him and decided he was ok…and he kept moving, kept doing his thing. Talk about an adrenaline rush.

I should have mentioned before, that the GMU we hunt in Washington is True Spike only, unless you are selected for a tag (random drawing). As you can imagine, I was bummed that I didn’t get to tag this guy as I easily could have with my Knight muzzleloader. However, despite not being able to take him, my whole body was shaking and I had a huge smile on my face throughout this whole video. These experiences make me feel successful, tagged out or not. The feeling is almost impossible to describe…but every hunter knows what I’m talking about! Being able to share these experiences with my Dad…and now my husband and my daughter…is another reason why I love to elk hunt. #LivingElkCountry

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