Leave Newborn Wildlife Alone

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Tis the season of reawakening from the doldrums of winter as nature comes to life in full bloom.

It’s also the season that newborn wildlife is welcomed into the world.

But with that comes the annual problem that some people stumble across a deer fawn or an elk calf or bear cub…yet they don’t see the mother and assume the young ‘uns are abandoned…so they intervene thinking they’re helping the situation.

In reality, the mother is somewhere nearby in most cases and removing baby animals from their natural environment often leads to a death sentence…plus some of them have diseases or parasites that can be passed on to pets or humans.

Calves and fawns are spotted –their natural form of camouflage or protection from hungry predators. They also give off little to no scent.

If you happen to come across a newborn calf or doe…keep this mantra in mind that is echoed by state wildlife agencies from coast to coast during this—the springtime season.

If you care, leave them there.