Joshua’s Utah Bull

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I got my first bull hunting with my dad in September on my first time hunting in Utah. We were in a dense forest with a lot of downed timber, so it was tough going in and out.

We’d been hunting a couple of days and got up early one morning. We walked a pretty rough trail and then met some hunters on the way, so that changed our game plan. We went to a new spot that we hadn’t scouted before and didn’t see much. We then decided to go to another spot where we had seen some sign earlier.

We climbed to the top of a ridge and stumbled right upon a herd of about 20 elk. There was one bull with his harem. I got my rifle set up. It was sighted in for about 200 yards, but we were only 50 yards away, so at first I was worried that I shot a bit high. The bull ran for about 100 feet and then it just fell. I couldn’t believe it. I was shaky, nervous but mostly excited.

It was a big chore to pack out the elk. But luckily, we had met some other hunters were only lived about an hour and a half from us back home in California. They came and helped pack it out with us. So we’ve got some new friends.

I really like hunting because you get out of town and it’s fun to spend time together with my dad. We also like to fish, go tubing on the lake and kayak. But this trip was a great memory for both of us.

Joshua Kroschel
Age 12
McCarther, California
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