Hunting With My New RMEF Rifle

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My dad won a new rifle for me at the beginning of the year at a RMEF banquet and I couldn’t wait until hunting season to hopefully get to use it. Well, I got my chance and absolutely loved it!

Two years ago my dad took me down this ridge in Montana and he called it his “secret spot”.

Well that secret spot paid off for me then and I couldn’t wait to go down it again with my new rifle this year.

As the anticipation built with every step we took walking down the ridge, it looked like the elk were not in there that day. We got to the end of the ridge and started glassing. It didnt take long and we found a cow and spike feeding just below us, which really elevated my excitement level. I was able to settle down and get set up waiting for a legal bull to step out. Well, that never happened and they eventually walked off.

After glassing the area, we decided to go check some other areas and began walking back up the ridge of our so-called “secret spot”. We got about half-way up and found a cow and calf walking down the draw below us. Of course no bulls were with them, so we continued up the ridge.

As we were almost to the top of the ridge and out of the trees, my dad spotted elk moving through the trees. I got my bi-pod set up and started looking for a bull in the group. Nine cows were leading the group before we saw more movement a little ways behind them. The cows walked into the trees and out walked four legal bulls. I got my sites on the third one back.

I took a deep breath and fired. My dad said I hit him good, but they ran down into the trees. We could see my bull standing there, but I didnt have a clear second shot. All of a sudden, they came running back up the ridge in the same trail. We saw the bull I shot peel off from the group and my second shot dropped him.

We got down to my bull and of course, my dad had to take a million pictures of us and as I notched my tag.

On this day, it was like zero degrees out and really cold. So I said, “Dad, its starting to get dark, we better get busy and stop taking pictures”.

So we had to work wearing head lamps to take care of the bull.

dOur secret spot paid off for me again and I was so excited that I was able to have success with my new rifle.

Mckenna Johnston
Age 14
Gig Harbor, Washington
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