Hunting Is Healing with USMC Kirstie Ennis

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On this episode of Pursue The Wild, Kristy Titus has the honor of taking Sgt. USMC (retired) Kirstie Ennis, on her first elk hunt.

Ennis was an aerial gunner that was severely wounded in a helicopter crash while serving her country in June 2012. She suffered severe facial trauma, spinal cord damage, damage to both arms and was in limb salvage for many years. Since this hunt took place, Ennis had her left leg amputated above the knee as a result of injuries sustained during the crash. 

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without hunting, especially going through what I did,” said Sgt. USMC (retired) Kirstie Ennis in the opening lines of the show. “The outdoors does something to you. Its gets you up and moving.”

Ennis’ hunt is thanks to the work of RMEF and Wounded Warrior Outdoors, who gained special access to private timberland in the Pondosa Tract in California for this hunt.

This moving hunt originally aired on the RMEF Team Elk television show.

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