Hunting Both Sides of the Fence

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I would like to tell you about my experience hunting with my family on public and private land.

When I have gone out with my dad and uncle, we mainly hunt on Pennsylvania state game land. We have shot several very big does along with our fair share of 5 to 8 pointers over the past years. We have had friends on private land shoot some large deer, along with a few smaller deer. When we hunt public land, we’ve noticed as we walk further from the road, we see more quality and quantity of deer. On private land, we can be more selective on the size of deer we shoot because we see more.

I think the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is doing good by fighting for public land. I agree that we should all use the “Golden Rule” when hunting. It should be taught (or at least mentioned) during all the hunter safety courses.

The website includes the following advice, “Make sure you pick up all trash, empty shell cases, boxes, and dispose of them properly.”

We need more landowners to let trustworthy hunters hunt on their property. The hunters can improve habitat life for animals and people.

On ResearchGate’s online post, it says “Variables that increased landowner likelihood of posting included past problems with recreational users, locations, number of acres owned, and concerns about property rights, illegal hunting activities, safety, and potential liability issues.”

If we could limit these, the hunting experience would be a lot better overall.

Matt Muthard, age 14 – Schnecksville, Pennsylvania
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