Hoping for a Three-Peat

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The last two years I have successfully drawn a mule deer tag and successfully harvested a nice mule deer buck. I’m hoping for a three-peat this fall. We don’t have to travel far from home to go hunting. So a lot of times, my dad will scout for the deer and then pick us up after school for an evening hunt. We usually have about an hour drive to where we find our big game.

In 2015, we scouted all summer for mule deer bucks. Once the rut came, my dad was looking every day. He spotted a nice buck and then came to get me after school. It was bedded down with a doe and was sleeping the whole time while we hiked closer. We lost it through the scope for about a half hour. So, my dad did a rattle call and it made the doe stand up. Once the doe stood up, it made the buck stand up and I shot it behind the shoulder. My dad’s friends came up and helped us pack it out.

Although my 2015 buck was hard to beat, we tried anyway last year. We scouted more during hunting season than the summer, so it was a lot harder to find them. But just like the year before, my dad spotted a buck again while I was in school. After school, he took me out to find the buck. We got within 50 yards when a doe jumped and the buck ran into a bigger canyon. So we went into the canyon and got closer, and it ended up being there. We got set up. I was able to kill it with one shot. My 2016 buck was almost and nice as the year before. But this time, it was a hard two-and-a-half-mile hike out for me and my dad packing out the meat and antlers. I can’t wait to try again this fall.

Lexi Bennett,
Age 15
Lewiston, Idaho
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