Help Wanted: Find Elk Calves in Wisconsin

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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wants you! More specifically, it needs volunteers to help biologists find elk calves in Jackson County and place radio collars on them this spring. By doing so, they will assist the DNR in its goal to monitor survival, population growth and birth rates.

Elk calf searches will not occur every day but the DNR wants to schedule volunteers daily from May 15 through June 23 (including weekends). Volunteers will be “on call” for their scheduled days and will receive as much notice as possible. The DNR anticipates notifying volunteers by phone the afternoon prior to the search.

Volunteers should bring the appropriate clothing including rain gear, bug nets, long sleeve shirts, gloves, boots in addition to a camera, food/drinks, etc. Bug spray should not be used on these days.

For more information, contact Steve Meurett at [email protected] or call 715-284-1468.