Haley’s Elk Standoff

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After watching a high school football game on a Saturday in the fall, my brother took me to my great-grandmother’s ranch in Stevensville. As a youth hunter, you can shoot a bull or a cow and we knew a herd was on my family’s property. We spotted the herd and all we could see were cows. I was so happy for the chance, so I shot but missed.

The herd moved but stayed on the property so my brother and I started stalking closer as they moved down the fence line. Then a bull emerged and started walking toward us. He came closer as we stood there. When he was about 130 yards away, my brother had me lean on him to stabilize the gun. I shot and it broke the bull’s back, so it dropped immediately. Another shot and it was done.

It was first elk and I was so excited! Since we were on the ranch, we could drive right up in the truck and load up the bull.

I really like hunting because I get to spend time with my brother and I feel really resourceful in getting meat for our family.

Haley Lords
Age 15
Stevensville, Montana
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