Getting the Hunting Bug

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My first cow elk was shot in Wyoming on the property of Grizzly Outfitters. My elderly grandfather wanted to make sure he was there when I shot my first animal, so he decided to bring me to Wyoming on a guided hunt so he could be there. I woke up really early about 5:30 a.m. to get ready for a hunt I would never forget.

At 6 a.m., we headed out with my guide, Kolby. We drove about a half-hour when Kolby said “Look! There’s elk on the hill!” I could feel my heart start to race.

Kolby started to back up so the elk couldn’t see us, when suddenly the truck went “thump” into a three-foot deep hole. It took us an hour to get out because the truck had high-centered.

Finally, Kolby told me to grab my gun and follow him. My dad followed. The elk had gone over the ridge and down into a pocket. Two bull elk were bedded down and two yearlings were feeding above them. Earlier when we had seen the elk, there had been at least one cow elk. We decided to go around a hill that blocked a field from our sight. A huge cow elk walked over the hill just when we were about to get to the other side of it.

“Line up on her,” Kolby said.

Carefully, I pulled off my gloves. (It had just started to snow). I took two deep breaths. Then, “BANG.” The sound of the gun going off was so loud my ears were ringing.

“A little high, but she’s hit,” Kolby said.

We waited about 10 minutes and then started to walk toward her. She was lying down at this point. She jumped up and I hit the ground and lined up the gun on her again.

“BANG!” A second shot and she’s down. This time, I hit right behind her front shoulder blade.

Hunting has never really been my thing until that day. I would go hunting with my dad all the time, but I had never been the one who was actually hunting. Once I got that elk, I got the bug and now I can’t wait until next year’s hunting season.

Shannon Hardisty
Age 12
Issaquah, Washington
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