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Range Finder 101

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For some hunters, a rangefinder is indispensable. To others, it’s a luxury. Whichever camp you’re in, there’s no denying that knowing the distance to your target is paramount to making a clean, swift kill. Most rangefinders today come with an inclinometer that takes the guesswork our shooting at angles, recalibrating the distance to account for slope.

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Science of Stink

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by PJ DelHomme If you sweat when you hunt, chances are you’re going to stink. And if you offend your hunting partner, you can only imagine how you smell to an elk. So how can you minimize the funk? First, understand the stink. It’s not sweat that stinks, but sweat mixing with ever-present bacteria on your body. Rule number one is to minimize bacteria. Showering is recommended but this is elk camp after all. When …