Gear 101 – Zeiss Victory Harpia 95 Spotting Scope

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On an elk hunt, a good spotting scope can make all the difference. And the Zeiss Victory Harpia 95 spotter is exactly what you need to size up the herd before they head to dark timber.

The Harpia features a whopping 72-degrees of subjective angle of view throughout the entire zoom range of 23 to 70 power.

A key feature of this scope is the dual-speed focus for precise focusing. There is a convenient automatic transition from rapid- to fine-focus adjustment, even at high magnification—a feature that sets this scope apart from other high-end scopes.

As for the glass itself, expect only the best from Zeiss with FL lenses, which ensure razor-sharp focus with natural colors even at max magnification. A LotuTec hydrophobic lens coating provides a clear view in all weather conditions. Raindrops and dirt simply roll off the lens.

A High-Performance Eyepiece offers a comfortable viewing experience. The lockable bayonet keeps it securely in place.

If you like crystal clear images of elk country at dawn and dusk, take a look through the Harpia, spotting scope. We know you’ll like what you see.

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