First Turkey

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I have been waiting a long time for my first turkey hunt. We live in the forest so there are always turkeys that come through our yard because we have the things they like – trees to roost in, bushes for cover, dirt to bath in and pine nuts and bugs to eat. They really like to come and relax by this stump in our yard. So on opening morning of the turkey hunt in September, I set up with the stump in view.

I woke up, put on my camo and got outside by 7 a.m. I hid in my mom’s bushes by our house. About two hours later, I was still there and finally two jakes and a tom came into the yard and headed for the stump. One of the jakes had this crazy afro beard, but my eye was on the tom. My family members are all hunters and I’m the youngest, so this was the first time for me to do something before my older brother. I really wanted to get a big tom before him.

The turkeys ate and played in the dirt for a while and then the tom came within 10 yards of me. So I took my shot and got him right in the head. His head was completely gone. He laid there in the grass and one of the jakes came over to see what had happened. So I didn’t move. I stayed frozen for another 30 minutes so I wouldn’t scare off the jakes and ruin the chances for my brother to get one this season.

I was so happy to finally get my first turkey. I have been waiting for that day for as long as I can remember. Now I’m really looking forward to my deer and elk hunts.

Steyr Ulberg
Age 12
Lolo, Montana
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