Election Night Elk

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Last November was my first chance to vote in a presidential election, but we hadn’t got our elk yet and it was the last night of the hunt, so we had to go out. The good news is that I was packing out an elk until dark and that’s why I didn’t make it back in time to vote.

I’d been archery elk hunting with my dad for the last four years or so. But this was my first time hunting elk with a rifle. We’d been out for many days with no luck. But that last night, we found about five elk together. The bull I wanted was eating so I was able to successfully shoot it with a .243 at 100 yards. It walked not very far and then sat down. The other four elk didn’t leave, so we stayed right where we were and took pictures of them eating for a while. Finally, it was time to retrieve my elk. I was with my dad and my boyfriend and we were so happy.

I love to hear elk talking back and forth. They are such gorgeous animals, I love to watch them. Elk hunting is a fun adventure that I do with my dad, sisters, mom and boyfriend. And it’s so nice to have meat on the table in the end.

Brittney Alley
Age 18 – Wilder, Idaho
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