Doubling Down

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The first time I got an elk was very exciting because I was with my brother and we both got cows at the same time.

My dad had got permission for the two of us to hunt together so on the day of our hunt, we walked out on into this field and sat down in a place where we could look on both sides. About an hour before sundown, we decided to move and see if there were any elk on the other side. My twin sister, Lexi, was also with us and spotted the elk to the right of us. So we went back to our original spot and knew where to be ready when they came into view. When the herd got within range, my brother shot first and then I shot a cow a little closer to us. The herd really didn’t move until I had shot my gun. When it was time to approach, the cows were down, 20 yards away from each other.

We spent about seven hours processing both elk. By the time we got them both out, it was 1 a.m. My dad had the two elk boned out himself and then a family friend came to help us, but it took him awhile to get there. We were so happy when we were finally done.

My first year hunting does, I shot a double with my twin sister, so it was fun to have a double kill with my brother for elk. Can’t wait to go again!

Lainey Bennett, Age 16 – Lewiston, Idaho
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