Day Trips to Elk Country

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Getting my first elk was a great experience. I was hunting with Joe Johnson and my Dad. We were walking up through a clearing and we saw the elk across the ridge. They went down into the valley so we climbed to the ridge and crossed it to get within range.

I took one shot and she went behind a tree. She peeked her head around the corner of the tree so I knew I needed to make another shot. Since the tree was a small pine, I shot through it for my sure shot. She ran like 20 yards and then was down. It was awesome, but then I had to pack it out which is tough but also was okay because of the people I was with.

Since then, I’ve been elk hunting about 10 to 15 times and last season my dad got a great bull in the same area about two miles further up the ridge. We have a spot where we go for elk because they’re there all winter, so we’ve been pretty successful. 

I like elk hunting in Montana close to home because we can get out and make it a day trip and everyone gets their turn. I like hunting because it’s fun spending time with friends and my dad. The best parts are the snacks and laughs we have together.

Brayden Devries, age 14 – Hamilton, Montana
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