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Hunting’s Ecological Benefits

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There has always been those who oppose hunting – who do not believe that humans should pursue and consume wildlife. Some prefer the idea that wild others should live out their lives in nature, while we rely on agricultural processes. Many people believe that hunting damages populations of wild animals. In reality, hunting harvest models are founded on the principle that we will impact populations minimally if we hunt the biological surplus and leave remaining …

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Big Steps – An Elk Network Original

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Don’t take small steps. Take the big steps that others are afraid to take. You gave the world conservation. You gave it at a time of the greatest wildlife and resource depletion crisis in the history of your nation, 110 years ago. And out of a nation that was denuding its forests, despoiling its waterways, destroying its naturalist fish runs, eliminating shorebirds and wading birds, and destroying the bison, and moving all kinds of animals …

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Relevance – An Elk Network Original

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There can be no doubt, that we live in a constantly changing world now. A world that seems to bring unending challenge to things that we hold dear and to the values that we cherish. The world is becoming an incredibly different place. We are seeing massive changes in the way the land is used. Massive movements of people away from the rural lifestyles that were part and parcel of nourishing the hunting tradition in …

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The Wild Harvest Initiative

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Do you ever think about where your food comes from? How it was procured or produced? How it made its way to your refrigerator? Well, every year in the United States an estimated 14 million hunters and 33 million anglers participate in wild protein harvests, and 1.5 million hunters and nearly 4 million anglers do so in Canada. These people know exactly where their food comes from and how it was produced… naturally, that is… …