Buck Detour

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So, my family was on our way to go hunting for bighorn sheep. We’re all pretty excited about that tag. But on our way we spotted this big buck from the road. It was about a mile away.

Since I had a tag for that area, we pulled over and walked down to the bottom of the hill. We went the long way over two hills and spotted two groups of deer. The second group had the big buck we had seen and he was feeding in a draw. We belly crawled for a little ways to get closer and set up my bi-pod at 120 yards.

I hit the big buck with my first shot. It ran for a bit and eventually laid down. I couldn’t believe it.

I’m allergic to mule deer, so when it was time to get near, I had gloves on. I didn’t touch the fur at all and my dad and brother were pretty careful. They loaded it in our truck and we all got ready to leave. Just sitting next to them caused me to have a huge allergic reaction. After a couple of hours, it wasn’t getting better, so we went back home so I could take a shower.

The sheep hunt would have to wait for another day, but it turned out to be a great day anyway.

Kyler Pallister
Age 14
Helena, Montana
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