Assistant City Attorney, Husband Arrested for Stealing Hunting Gear

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Utah authorities arrested the assistant Park City attorney and her husband for stealing two tree stands, a trail camera and other gear. Polly Samuels Mclean and Andrew McLean also spent time in jail and face charges of theft and criminal mischief.

Skip Shelton Roberts is a bowhunter. He went into the woods to hunt when he discovered his gear including the locks and ladders were gone. But Roberts had a trail camera nearby and when he checked it he found the above image.

Roberts told the Park Record the act was “premeditated and malicious.” posted the photo to a Facebook group page. Shortly afterwards, word spread, authorities identified the suspects and made the arrest.

“There’s a lot of outdoor enthusiasts in the neighborhood and a lot of anti-hunters. They just think it’s their backyard, so they own it,” Roberts said.

Police issued two search warrants and found the items.

(Photo source: Skip Sheldon Roberts)