15 Year Old Finally Gets His Chance After Years of Helping Dad

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I have helped my dad hunt for years and finally it was my time for an archery bull. We drove across the state of Montana to where we were going to hunt. We set up the first night and I was pretty excited. I woke up the first morning and we saw a lot of elk and got really close to a bull, but I wasn’t able to seal the deal.

We followed the same pattern for a couple of days. On the fourth morning, we set up with me and the guide on one side and my dad on the other side of the ridge. The guide started calling and they started walking up. A couple of nice bulls walked past us but they were too far. Then one came within 45 yards and I pull by my bow and shot.

This was my first elk and I was pretty excited. I was also relieved because I finally got it done. I was pretty happy with it and my dad was super excited.

We brought the meat home and processed it, cut and wrapped it ourselves. That was a lot of work since it was such a big-bodied bull. My mom was pretty happy about that part.

My family is real supportive and things I want to do and this is definitely something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

Gunnar Ulberg
Age 15
Lolo, Montana
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