14-Year-Old Girl Shoots New Oklahoma State Record Elk

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Last season, my 5×5 bull scored 377 6/8 – shattering Oklahoma’s state record by more than 39. My dad and I were hunting and spotted the big elk one evening. The next morning, we were out at dawn looking for the bull again. While we were glassing our surroundings, the bull popped out on our hillside. I thought he was a really nice elk, but he was at least 300 yards away and too far to get a good shot. I wanted to shoot, but I didn’t want to mess it up and scare him off.

By afternoon, I still didn’t have a good shot, so my dad and I decided to take a break and I went home and went to softball practice. I couldn’t stop thinking about the big bull, so I asked my coach if I could leave practice a little early. My coach agreed and I was back in the field by 5 p.m.

It wasn’t long before the big bull ambled out into the open. I lifted my rifle and pulled the trigger. I started crying because I thought I missed him, but I didn’t.

When we delivered the bull elk to be processed, the processor said that the rack was so big, it might be a new record. That’s when I started thinking, “This could really be it!” I was so excited! I thought that was crazy that I could have the state record.

A few months later, after the mandatory drying process, I got the news that it was the new record for Oklahoma. Although I love hunting deer, turkey and dove, now elk hunting is my favorite.

Olivia Parry
Age 14
Carmargo, Oklahoma
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